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Tools for drones in JdeRobot[edit]

The drone can be teleoperated from a smartphone. The images of the onboard cameras are shown in the smartphone

Object Tracking[edit]

Several examples of visual control using JdeRobot:

Tracking a moving object in the ground[edit]

This tracking algorithm is able to maintain the position and orientation of the drone while the object moves along the ground. The control system is divided in two subsystems: control position only (x,y) and control orientation only (theta). The first one use control curves to command speed to the drone. The second one uses a control surface for the rotations of the drone. Both subsystems work together to track down the object.

Object Tracking in 3D[edit]

In this tracking algorithm, the drone tracks down a red ball in a 3D space. The algorithm use three PID controllers to maintain the position of the drone.

Following a road[edit]

Precise Landing[edit]

The drone takes off, searches the beacon (it is on an unknown location) and lands on it. It uses its onboard camera to detect the beacon and a visual control to smoothly land on it.

Path following[edit]

So far only in simulation. The red line is the path to follow, the green one is the estimated position and the blue line is the real position given by the simulation environment.

Programming contest[edit]

We have organized two editions of the Program-A-Robot contest. The participants have to program a drone (the cat) to pursue another autonomous drone (the mouse).


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