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On this web forum you can find answers to your questions using JdeRobot or pieces of its ecosystem. Don't hesitate to use this forum, on it we talk about JdeRobot's usage, configuration, new features, bugs, future developments, bug solutions...

How to contribute

The JdeRobot project is open to contributions at development, documentation, testing, integration and research. Just see the great manual step-by-step (thanks Lihang Li): It is recommended to subscribe to the JdeRobot mailing list (follow these directions). All the interaction with developers and users team are through that mailing list.

The entry point to collaborate with the project is:

How to create a proper Pull-Request is well detailed here

If you deserve to be in the Hall of Fame of People section, drop me a line (jmplaza AT gsyc DOT es).

Good Practices

Then go to appose a series of good practices for every new contribution (If you need help to fulfill them, ask on the mailling list).

  • All library or tool must have cmakelists
  • All library or tool must be properly annotated using format doxygen for c ++ and pydoc for python. This includes classes and functions, also provided that will make operations with numbers without relationship apparent must be explained.
  • In the case of code c ++, must be separate in include hand and src by another, being both well sorted (see jderobotcomm_cpp as example).
  • All tool should use the library easyiceconfig to read the file of configuration
  • All tool should use jderobotcomm for communications
  • All the GUI should use QT5, are leaving from using GTK

Mailing List

The general mailing list for jderobot users and developers is jderobot [at] gsyc [dot] urjc [dot] es. It is functional but we have moved to the new web forum.


  • Okan Asik (okanasik)
    • contributions: VisualStates tool
  • Roberto Calvo (rocapal)
    • contributions: project maintainer, Surveillance, components in Android, 3DPeopleTracker
  • JoseMaría Cañas (jmplaza)
    • contributions: project maintainer, JdeRobot lead, progeo lib, fuzzylib, introrob
  • Juan González (obijuan)
    • contributions: JdeRobot-Hw
  • Redouane Kachach (redo)
    • contributions: calibrator, imgrectifier, TrafficMonitor
  • Alberto Martín Florido (almartinflorido)
    • contributions: ArDroneServer, drones,
  • Aitor Martínez (aitormf)
    • contributions: package generation, web technology, cameraview.js, rgbdviewer.js, uavviewer.js, committer
  • Luis Roberto Morales (lr-morales)
    • contributinos: project maintainer, cmake, gtk3Dviewer
  • Eduardo Perdices (eperdices)
    • contributions: visionlib, calibrator, mobileTeleoperator, replayer, opencvdemo, VisualSLAM: slam-SDVL, slam-SD-SLAM
  • Raúl Pérula (raulperula)
    • contributions: Scratch2JdeRobot tool
  • Francisco Pérez (fqez)
    • contributions: project maintainer, committer
  • Samuel Rey (reysam93)
    • contributions: visualStates tool

  • Francisco Rivas (frivas, chanfr)
    • contributions: NaoBody, openniServer, kinectviewer, 3DPeopleTracker, DetectionSuite tool
  • Iñaki San Roman (isanroman)
    • contributions: MachineLearning-openCV tool

Previous contributors

  • Gonzalo Abella (gdago)
    • contributions: v4l2 driver
  • Victor Arribas (varhub)
    • contributions: ArDroneServer (GPS support), libEasyIce, refactoring of quadrotor2 and flyingkinect plugins for Gazebo
  • Satyaki Chakraborty (shady-cs15)
    • contributions: compatibiliy with ROS
  • Agustín Gallardo
    • contributions: calibrator
  • Teodoro González
    • contributions: gazebo driver
  • Maikel González
    • contributions: introrob, basic component, cmake
  • Alejandro Hernández (ahcorde)
    • contributions: replayer, recorder, kinectserver
  • Victor Hidalgo
    • contributions: CarSpeed
  • Lihang Li (hustcalm)
    • contributions: RTABmap component for visual 3D localization
  • David Lobato (dlobato)
    • contributions: software architecture design, ice expert, cameraserver
  • Javier Martín
    • contributions: evi driver, mplayer driver
  • Sara Marugán (salons)
    • contributions: ElderCare, cameraserver
  • Borja Menéndez (bmenendez)
    • contributions: project maintainer, NaoServer, Nao in Gazebo, visualHFSM
  • Andrei Militaru (militaru92)
    • contributions: ROScompatibility library
  • Juan Navarro (jnbosgos)
    • contributions: flyingkinect
  • Antonio Pineda
    • contributions: firewire driver, player driver, ElderCare
  • Rubén Salamanqués
    • contributions: visualHFSM
  • Jose Antonio Santos (jcaden)
    • contributions: project maintainer, wiimote driver, wiioperator, mastergui, graphics_gtk, opflow, mplayer
  • Julio Vega (jmvega)
    • contributions: JdeRobot manual, introrob, giraffeserver, visionlib, gazeboserver
  • Daniel Yagüe
    • contributions: Drones in Gazebo