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Work with JdeRobot race in a track[edit]

Create a race circuit with gazebo and put a robot, get finish one lap on less time possible, development a function in python to run the circuit.


  • Ronny Soria
  • Ana Real
  • Alejandro Ledesma
  • Javier Gutiérrez-Maturana


Install Jderobot development[edit]

   sudo sh -c 'echo "deb `lsb_release -cs` main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gazebo-latest.list'
   wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -
   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:v-launchpad-jochen-sprickerhof-de/pcl
  • In file /etc/apt/source.list Add this lines...
   # for ubuntu 14.04 LTS (32/64 bit)
   deb trusty main
   deb-src trusty main
  • Next steps...
   sudo apt-key add jderobot-key.asc
   $ sudo apt-get update
   $ sudo apt-get install jderobot-deps
   git clone
   cd JdeRobot
   cmake .
   sudo make Install

JdeRobot development installed!

Watch Proyects[edit]

Get camera with opencv library in python with a code of a mate it works! process of image done. [source code]

Cameraview and cameraserver inside Jderobot[edit]

We found the files of cameraserver and cameraview in jderobot development.

   $ cd ~/JdeRobot/src/stable/components/cameraserver
   $ cameraserver --Ice.Config=cameraserver.cfg

cameraview.cfg [source code]

   $ cd ~/JdeRobot/src/stable/components/cameraview
   $ cameraview --Ice.Config=cameraview.cfg

cameraview.cfg [source code]

Now we try to launch cameraserver and cameraviewer with envoirment jderobot and files configurations of ICE.

Hello World with ICE Python Lenguage[edit]

Link Ice to get Hello world.

Steps to Hello world[edit]

  • Slice Printer = > Module Printer  :
  • Server Printer = > Object Adapter Printer :
  • Client Printer = > Proxy Printer  :
  • Video Results = > Summary of process to create Hello world with Ice.
Step 1 Slice[edit]

The first step in writing any Ice application is to write a Slice definition containing the interfaces that are used by the application:

   module Demo {
       interface Printer {
           void printString(string s);
           void printInteger(int n);

Once created we will make to generate files skeleton to c++ lenguage:

   $ slice2py

And Ice will generate the files Printer.h and Printer.cpp.

Step 2[edit]

We get the code from Link above. [source code]

   $ chmod +x
   $ ./

And now we have got the server process to our hello world in Ice.

Step 3[edit]

We get the code from Link above. [source code]

   $ chmod +x
   $ ./

And now we have got client process.

Step 4 Results[edit]

Video Results Hello World in Ice

Develop cameraview_py[edit]

Cameraview_py with ICE QtCore and QtGui[edit]

Not functional per now we are trying code...

cameraview_py [source code]

Video cameraserver and introrob_py[edit]

We have modified the source code in sensors_py there are all Ice interfaces of Ardrone and we modify the identity of object adapter of CameraProxy to get the images of our camerasever from GUI of Ardrone.

Begining Gazebo Robot camera with our cameraview_py[edit]

Building a Robot with Gazebo[edit]


  • [Task 1] Studing ICE.
  • [Task 2] Student CameraViewer.
  • [Task 3] Development a CameraViewer in Python.