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  • Project Name: jde+: an object oriented implementation of JDE
  • Authors: David Lobato Bravo (dav.lobato [at] gmail [point] com) and Jose María Cañas Plaza (jmplaza [at] gsyc [point] es)
  • Academic Year: 2004-2005
  • Degree: Grad
  • Jde Version:
  • Tags: jde, framework, control, architecture, object oriented
  • Technology: c, c++
  • State: Finished
  • Source License:
  • Document License:
  • Abstract:

The JDE architecture has been also implemented in C++, gathering all the experience accumulated while using jde.c. A new design was carried out and implemented in a new software environment, jde+, which is closer to theorical proposal JDE than jde.c. It offers several advantages:

  1. Several instances of the same schema are allowed, even concurrent ones, each with its own modulation.
  2. The schema interface is cleaner than jde.c. For instance, schema communication among brothers is strictly prohibited, only father-child communication is allowed and enforced.
  3. Most of the complexity of new schema programming is hided. The behavior designer only has to focus on schema-specific code (schema iteration, arbitration and preconditions). The general parts of its schemas are implemented by jde+ and inherited.
  4. Dynamic (an efficient) load of schemas is allowed at runtime, making true the reconfiguration capability promised by JDE.
  • Documentation:
Master Thesis: PDF TeX Sources
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