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an open source toolkit for Robotics and Computer Vision!

Robotics applications are typically distributed, made up of a collection of concurrent asynchronous components which communicate using some middleware (ROS messages, ICE, DDS...). Building robotics applications is a complex task. Integrating existing nodes or libraries, which provide already solved functionality, and using several tools may increase the software robustness and shorten the development time. JdeRobot provides several tools, libraries and reusable nodes. They have been written in C++, Python or JavaScript.

ROS friendly (full compatible with ROS-Kinetic)
C++, Python, JavaScript
Open source
Easy installation from debian, PIP and npm packages

Our (international) community mainly works on five development areas:

Development Areas Products
Robot Programming Tools VisualStates tool for robot programming with automata
WebSim robot simulator with web technologies
Scratch4Robots tool for visual robot programming
Education in Robotics and Computer Vision JdeRobot-Academy
SLAM, visual localization algorithms and tools SD-SLAM visual SLAM algorithm
slam-TestBed tool for evaluation of SLAM algorithms
DeepLearning, visual perception DetectionSuite tool for evaluation of detection networks
Object Detector see deep learning networks in action
Drones, autonomous behaviors

We are registered as non-profit organization in Spain Ref.#615800.

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A (Windows/Mac/Linux) desktop application to control drones (more) Drone behavior example using VisualStates tool for automata, (more)

(more videos)


The last stable release is 5.6.4

We are working on:

  • Update of underlying infrastructure: jump to Ubuntu 18.04, ROS Melodic Morenia, Gazebo9 simulator, Python 3.5.
  • Use of reconfigurable hardware (FPGAs) in robotics, with third party open tools like IceStudio
  • VisualStates tool for visual programming of the robot intelligence with Finite State Machines. It creates a C++ or a Python component from the visual description of the automata.
  • Scratch4Robots tool for programming of TurtleBot and drones using Scratch visual language
  • JdeRobot Academy: a framework to learn robotics and computer vision with drones, autonomous cars.... It is a collection of Python programmed exercises. Include a web service for this.
  • (done) Compatibility with ROS robotics middleware: interoperation between ROS nodes and JdeRobot components, use of ROS drivers, use of ROS bag files... JdeRobot (>= 5.6) is fully compatible with ROS Kinetic including its official debian packages
  • (done) Update of underlying infrastructure: jump to Ubuntu 16.04, OpenCV-3, migration to Gazebo-7 simulator (revisit existing plugins and models), PCL-1.8, ICE-3.6
  • (done) Use of Web technologies in robotics: ICE-JS, WebRTC, HTML5, electron, nodeJS... Many webtools have been developed: viewers, teleoperators and drivers.

JdeRobot License

JdeRobot is open source. All its code is licensed under GPL v3.

All the documentation of JdeRobot project is licensed under Creative Commons by-sa